Ital Technology srl & Atlas Corporation LLC & RP81 Group FZ LLE & ATLAS POLSKA Sp. z o.o. is an Italian engineering and construction group of companies which supplies turnkey solutions for its customers in thermal and hydraulic industrial processes as well as industrial automation and air treatment systems.

For about 15 years, the company’s experts have been managing work sites for the construction of new structures and coordinating the processes related to the realization of mechanical works, providing also repair and technical maintenance of the sites.

Our 4 companies are committed to meeting the growing demands of our customers and occupying a strategic position in different parts of the world:

  • RP81 Group FZ LLE (United Arab Emirates)
  • ATLAS POLSKA Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Based on 15 years of global experience, we offer a comprehensive range of tailored services to match your individual specific needs: from construction to logistic support, installation of a wide range of technological equipment and steel structures for various industrial applications, and to a supervision service covering all stages of the project.

Our group operates in the steel and mechanical carpentry industry and boasts extensive experience in completing small and large-scale construction and maintenance projects.

Through the professionalism of our employees, the innovations in production processes and responsibility towards our customers we provide a first-rate service in strict compliance with European Quality Standards and the requirements of our clients.

Our goal is to ensure that the products and services we provide, boasting production and manufacturing excellence, have a global impact by tackling the insidious challenges of our times.